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Dan Wainwright Self Titled Album Cover
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I'll Come Running
She Knew What She Knew
Plain To See
Times Are Hard
Until There's Peace
Big Boss Man
Like A Bird

All songs written and produced by Dan Wainwright


Dan Wainwright - Dan Wainwright

Released - 2024-02-29

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I spent two years honing the way I wanted to present my self-titled album. The recording part, though, took just an hour. Singing was never my forte; I usually hid behind my production skills. While I've always been a musician, the ukulele wasn't part of my repertoire until now, despite featuring in some of my earlier works.

I delved about a decade into the world of acid house music after a successful stint with my old stoner rock band, Groan. Despite enjoying the electronic scene and Groan gigs, my heart was always in psychedelic rock. My side projects, my true passion, fell apart just as they were ready to take off. Frustrated, I found myself searching for an escape from my current musical path.

Realising I wasn't leading the life I wanted, I had a breakdown that pushed me to quit DJing and electronic music. I needed to live authentically, pursue my true songwriting passion, and escape the damaging grind of my previous profession. Though I yearned to play and sing, self-doubt lingered. That night, unable to sleep, I grabbed my ukulele and improvised through songs I'd written over the years. I felt alive, but seriously committing to the ukulele seemed absurd.

For the next two years, I played and sang every day, immersing myself in the works of artists like Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, and Charlie Parr. Inspiration also came from the Grateful Dead's improvisation and Billy Strings' approach, but I filtered it through a solo folk singer approach, a ukulele, and a touch of my lightly scouse accent.

I aimed for something new and authentic, a project where I had nowhere to hide. Recording in one take, avoiding overproduction, and embracing authenticity became my ethos. I sought a soulful and unique tone by running my ukulele through a tube amp. I wanted it to stand alone, full and interesting, capturing both its beauty and the surrounding stillness. I desired the music to unfold naturally, without my mind dictating it.

No laptops or barriers between me and the music – just a desire to connect and become one with it. The result is something I could never have predicted for myself, but when I play, I know it's as vital as breathing for me.

Though I've made a lot of music before. I consider this is my first real album.

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