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Dan Wainwright, a psychedelic folk singer-songwriter hailing from St Helens in the UK and currently calling Mold, Wales his home, is making waves in the music scene with his unique approach to the ukulele. Transforming the instrument into a bluesy guitar through a tube amp, Dan infuses his songs with improvised instrumental sections that capture the raw emotion of the moment.

Dan has had many lives in music and has always been obsessed with music at an early age learning his uncle was Stuart Sutcliffe of The Beatles. Dan had his first success within stoner rock music with his old band Groan, and over a decade long career in acid house and balearic beat music that came to an abrupt end with total burnout and exhaustion from feeling stifled and and contained by the limitations of technology.

Yearning to break the mould Dan found he could express himself in a way where he felt he could say more about how he loves music more than words could ever express with the unconventional instrument for such expression, the ukulele.

Drawing inspiration from iconic American folk singers such as Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, and John Prine and bluegrass music old and new, Dan masterfully channels these influences through his other influences that come from the long form improvisation and jam style akin to the Grateful Dead and Billy Strings and also from his experience with long continuous mixes similar to DJ sets from his time in acid house music creating something unique, all the while on an instrument that isn’t generally used to be so expressive, diverse and psychedelic.

In live performances, Dan takes his audiences on a transcendental journey. With each performance, he weaves together songs, interludes, and improvised instrumental sections that oscillate between psychedelic freakouts, jazz-infused arrangements and really lush folk and country songs. Through nuanced energy peaks and dips, Dan crafts an immersive experience that keeps the music moving along a wild psychedelic journey.

Dan has a commitment to delivering authentic, unique and heartfelt performances every single time he plays ensuring that each note resonates with as much emotion and importance as possible, whether on stage or in the studio. For those seeking a captivating and soul-stirring psychedelic experience, Dan Wainwright is a must-see live performer. No song is ever played the same twice.

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